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Science Says You Should Mute Those Work Emails on Vacation

At a time when remote-only offices make it hard to log off, new research shows the importance of setting bound

Will Apple Mail threaten the newsletter boom?

How Mail Protection Privacy will force the email economy to adapt

Found this on Pinterest, from an email

Found this on Pinterest, from an email

What AI still can’t do

In less than a decade, computers have become extremely good at diagnosing diseases, translating languages, and

Apple will reportedly open paid Podcasts subscriptions on June 15th

In an email obtained by The Verge, the company reportedly tells producers and publishers it will launch the fe

What's in email tracking links and pixels?

This investigation into email tracking attempts to deconstruct tracking links and pixels and highlight the dat

TikTok User Hilariously Gets Revenge On Ex By Signing Him Up To Email Newsletters

One TikTok user reached levels of petty we can only aspire to as she shared her 'tactic for revenge'

Fastmail Accounts Blocked in Russia, Here's What We Know

Fastmail is the latest email provider to be blocked by Russia this past year after the country blocked access

Vivaldi browser now runs your email and calendar, too

One way to stick it to big tech.


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