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Russians Tied To The SolarWinds Cyberattack Hacked Federal Prosecutors, DOJ Says

Russian hackers broke into email accounts of prominent federal prosecutors' offices last year, the Justic

SolarWinds hackers nailed federal prosecutors' offices, Department of Justice says

Email accounts were breached at nearly 30 US Attorneys' offices, the DOJ says, as it provides new details

Woman's Fire Response To Being Told She's Too Weak For A Landscaping Job Goes Viral

A Twitter user named Dan shared a bizarre email his sister Charlotte received after inquiring about a landscap

Raphael Varane pens heartfelt goodbye message to Real Madrid

Usually when you leave a job you send a quick email round the office after being handed a tin of Celebrations

Woman Slaps Down Belittling Response To Her Landscaping Job Application

A woman who applied for a landscaping job received a sexist and belittling response, so sent a hilariously fie

Military Leaders Use This Brilliant Tactic to Write Effective Emails

Smart email writers start with the bottom line.


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