is for sale! is for Sale!

Hurry once it's sold this opportunity will be gone!

Google launches Android 11 Go to make apps 20% faster

It will also provide new security enhancements, Google said.

New regime at Unicef UK puts media into review

UN agency and The Kite Factory set to part ways after nine years.

Ninja is back on Twitch -- for real this time

From Twitch to Mixer, and now back to Twitch once more: Tyler “Ninja” Blevins today revealed that, after h

Wisdom for a new era

Posted in r/WitchesVsPatriarchy by u/chzchbo2 • 2,425 points and 42 comments

Mass. reports four new cases of West Nile virus in residents

Three men Middlesex County and a girl under age 19 in Bristol County have been infected with the mosquito-born

Fox News judge Andrew Napolitano: "More likely than not” that Trump slurred slain American troops

“He often says what first comes to his mind without thinking of the likely consequences," Napolitano sa

A New York Gynaecologist Was Charged For Sexually Abusing Six Patients

The federal charges follow accounts of over 70 women who came forward about their experiences with Hadden. The

Jackass And American Horror Story Star Stevie Lee Dies

Jackass star and wrestler Stevie Lee has died, Impact Wrestling as confirmed. Lee, who appeared in American Ho

The new Dune trailer made my Bisexual ass quite happy today.

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