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Obtaincards.com is for Sale!

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Credit card 0 Gun shop 1. The fat 50 is finally mine.

1,968 votes and 226 comments so far on Reddit


This Back to the Future Card

9,886 votes and 59 comments so far on Reddit


Victorian card back designed in Adobe Illustrator. Yes, it’s busy.

1,355 votes and 128 comments so far on Reddit


Renders for Nvidia's Rumored RTX 3060 Ti Card May Have Leaked

A key question will be the price. Will we get a truly midrange card at $350? Or will it be priced closer to $4


America is celebrating like a cloud has left the skies, and a weight is off our hearts

There may be nothing more emblematic about the 2020 election than this: The call came while Donald Trump was o


Here are 9 fitness, streaming and other premium memberships you can get for free with select credit cards

Some of the best credit card perks include free memberships toward fitness programs and food delivery services


Man Donates 25,000 Baseball Cards to Girl Who Lost Her Collection in Wildfire

A 9-year-old was devastated recently when her family’s California home was destroyed by a wildfire. While th


Bridge: Nov. 7, 2020

My “Simple Saturday” columns often treat logical thinking. Cy the Cynic says an effective approach to prob


Random: Ball Guy Is Getting His Very Own Pokémon Trading Card

Flex those muscles


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