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Idk if this belongs here but I got an email from my school about a gym where they said "fitness girls" instead of "fitness goals". Found it quite funny.

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Money for $300 unemployment boost to run out after 6 weeks

The temporary $300-a-week unemployment insurance boost implemented by President Donald Trump is about to end,

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How to Share Files Between Android Devices With Nearby Share

Forget texting or emailing that file. With Nearby Share, Android users can quickly share photos, videos, and f

Why Email Registration is Dead. How Removing it Improved Retention by a Surprising 4.5%

Why email registration is dead. How removing it improved retention by a solid 4.5%

When you bust your ass for your patients for 13 hours, finish your charting late because you prioritized actual patient care & you leave work feeling like you actually made a difference & then you an email from the CNLs about how you didn’t document incentive spirometry QH.

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Despite judge's order, plans being made for census layoffs

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) - Even though a federal judge ordered the U.S. Census Bureau to halt winding down the 2020


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