is for sale! is for Sale!

Hurry once it's sold this opportunity will be gone!

Phishing warning: These are the brands most likely to be impersonated by crooks, so stay alert

Cyber criminals know how many of us are working from home and are looking to exploit that situation with phish

I can't help being cynical when my future is in the hands of uncontrollable forces | Michelle Lim

My optimism about securing a job depletes when I open a rejection email. It’s difficult to find solace when

ODPs & Part 91, the neverending discussion

This keeps coming up here (including in the most recent Moronic Monday), so folks might be interested in a &qu

Model for Rare Cancer Results Instead in ObesityDiscovery's Edge

While a typo in a letter or email is a problem it's not a big one, usually. But when that [...]

How to configure email alerts for Ubuntu auto updates

If you've configured your Ubuntu servers to automatically install security updates, you might want to fol

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Gets Dunked On By Her High School Teacher, And More Of This Week's One Main Character

This week's characters also include a disgruntled former employee, a professor who really hates student e


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7 Types of Advertising (+How They're Used)


The 9 most effective methods for Internet advertising..


Full-service Advertising Agency & Marketing Firm | South ...

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“Television is democracy at its ugliest.”

Paddy Chayefsky