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What does the future of weddings hold? A Bay Area wedding planner gives her take

For everyone in the industry, the biggest concern is being linked to a ‘super-spreader’ event, she says.


Rose Princess (+timelapse: link in comments)

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FALL in love with this Pumpkin Lentil Soup! [recipe link in comments]

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QAnon/8Chan Sites Briefly Knocked Offline

A phone call to an Internet provider in Oregon on Sunday evening was all it took to briefly sideline multiple


COVID Hit Alabama Hard. State Officials Funneled CARES Act Relief to Donors.

Several organizations received millions of relief dollars for reasons without a clear link to COVID-19.


[FO] My own winter fairy tale design - Miss Deer. Hope you like her :) link to pattern in comments

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Iranian state hacker group linked to ransomware deployments

Amidst rising tensions between Israel and Iran, security researchers fear new escalation.


How to use the selected value in a combo to determine conditional formatting in Excel

Thanks to the linked cell property in Microsoft Excel, it's super easy to use the selected value as a con


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