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Leaders vs. fast followers: There are risks and rewards for both

There are five questions business leaders should answer before enacting a fast-follower strategy.

More Than A TikTok Craze, ‘Plant Parenting’ Is The Anxiety-Reducing, Rewarding Way To Raise Houseplants

Everything you need to know about the plant-parenting phenomenon, plus how to keep your offspring thriving thi

Electronic Pocket Operation in an Altoids Tin

Electronic Pocket Operation in an Altoids Tin: Operation. The classic game that everybody has played at some p

Stop playing Cards Against Humanity and start playing DICK instead

The writer in me always loved to play Apples to Apples when I was younger — it was finally a game that would

Blizzard launches Sigma’s Maestro challenge in ‘Overwatch’

Blizzard Entertainment's ‘Overwatch’ has received a new in-game challenge which will reward players w

Put Things Away as You Make a Meal

Cooking a meal for yourself or your family is often its own reward; there’s nothing better than putting all

Overwatch Adds A New Legendary Skin With Sigma's Maestro Challenge

The challenge rewards you with a new skin if you can secure enough wins during the event.

Pocket Sized Pottery Wheel

Pocket Sized Pottery Wheel: Making pottery is a really fun and rewarding form of entertainment. The only probl

Lettering I Created During Lockdown

I have been experimenting with illustrating elaborate, decorated single letters as a personal project between


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