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Call of Duty's Halloween event has a Zombie royale and horror crossovers

Activision today dropped the trailer for its Call of Duty Halloween event: The Haunting of Verdansk. We’re g

Being a hopeless romantic is exhausting — we dream too much and love too hard, but it‘s the most rewarding feeling 🥰

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SAP BrandVoice: The Science Behind Motivating Employees: Rewards That Drive Business Gains

Research reveals how to motivate employees and provide experiences that lead to productivity gains long term.

Liverpool Transfer Target to Snub Anfield Move to Sign New £100k Contract

A Liverpool transfer target is closing in on a new contract at his current club as a reward for his outstandin

CMOs will be rewarded for meeting consumers' pressing needs during Covid-19

Chief marketing officers (CMO) of brands need to meet the needs of consumers and provide them with different o

5 Dream Travel Rewards to Save For Right Now

Having more miles and points than you can spend sounds like a dream come true, but this year it just might be


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Experimental data shows that people who donate tend to be insensitive to efficacy because other people do not reward them for the efficacy. This explains why people give but do not give effectively. Social rewards for "altruism" tend to depend on well-defined and highly observable behaviours.

People donate billions each year, yet giving is often ineffective. Five experiments tested an explanation for

TOTW 4 Predictions FIFA 21: Who's Getting in?

TOTW 4 predictions FIFA 21 are coming in as fans are excited for the first FUT Champions rewards of the new ga


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