is for sale! is for Sale!

Hurry once it's sold this opportunity will be gone!

Formula 1’s opening Grand Prix advertisement after Australia was cancelled.

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paper fashion illustration

One more personal project. This is a kind of combination of two of my passions - paper art & fashion. Insp

The Fashion, Beauty and Media Brands Pulling Ads from Facebook

Major brands are pulling their advertising from the social media platform as part of the “Stop Hate For Prof

Facebook Unfriended by World’s Biggest Brands as Zuckerberg’s Fixes Fall Flat

As of Saturday morning, over 133 companies have pulled their advertising dollars from the world’s leading so

Agencies urge creative industry to fight for environmental progress post-lockdown

Campaign calls on advertisers and marketers to use creativity to promote sustainable living as lockdowns ease

Facebook held last-minute boycott meeting with media agency 'frenemies'

WW is latest brand to suspend Facebook advertising. But is it time for media agencies to be more vocal?

Advertiser beware! In Russia offline ad can be blocked too

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