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Advertisment of the 1930's showing the improvement of aerodynamics on newly designed cars.

Advertisment of the 1930's showing the improvement of aerodynamics on newly designed cars.

Privacy analysis of FLoC

In a previous post, I wrote about a new set of technologies “Privacy Preserving Advertising”, which are in

A third of Black talent say they’ll leave industry over lack of inclusion, finds AA census

The results of the Ad Association’s (AA) recent All In census reveal disparities among key groups of talent

Should Facebook be held liable if its advertising algorithm discriminates?

A new lawsuit claims the social media giant allows bias based on gender and age.

The show Geddy Lee left earlier because he didn't like the second act

Rush bassist, singer and sometimes keyboardist Geddy Lee recalled during an interview with Classic Rock magazi

Operators of MoviePass Subscription Service Agree to Settle FTC Allegations that They Limited Usage, Failed to Secure User Data

The operators of the MoviePass subscription service have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission allegations

Texas Bakery ‘Overwhelmed’ With Orders After It Receives Homophobic Backlash For Pride Cookies

A bakery in Texas has been inundated with support after receiving abuse for advertising heart-shaped Pride Mon

Khloe Kardashian Hits Back After Cyberbully Says She ‘Looks Like Alien’ In Medication Ad

Khloe Kardashian defended herself against a cyberbully after they described her as looking ‘like an alien’


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