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Death of third party cookies: Enter sandbox from Google

Enter Sandbox: Google's bid to take control of online privacy after the death of third-party cookies. Wha

The test of AdNauseam.

A researcher reports the results of an experiment, designed to test whether a browser plugin called AdNauseam,

'Some Form of Programmatic' Is the Future of All Advertising

Leaders from P&G, NBCU and The Trade Desk on the fundamental changes rocking the ad industry.

Super Bowl LV Ad Tracker: All About the 2021 Commercials

A frequently updated roster of advertisers getting into the Big Game.

Google Completes Fitbit Acquisition Even Though DOJ Hasn't Officially Weighed In

Google has promised not to combine Fitbit data with Google’s advertising business over the next decade.

Campaign podcast: Bringing creative and media together (but not just for big brands)

Simon Davis, founder of Walk-In Media, explains why a new generation of smaller 'long-tail' advertis

You Can't Afford to Be Caught Off Guard in 2021

The privacy trends and topics that will dominate advertising.


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