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Advertising poster for IBM'S ThinkPad 230Cs (1994)

Advertising poster for IBM'S ThinkPad 230Cs (1994)

Facebook, Google, Microsoft, TikTok, and Twitter adopt Aussie misinformation code

Code will not apply to government content, political advertising, satirical work, or other journalistic pieces

Check Out the New Mortal Kombat Movie Trailer in All Its Gory…Errrr…Glory

After little teasers peppered throughout HBO Max advertisements, today we finally got our first real look at t

Advertisers join forces to meet challenges brought by Apple's iOS privacy changes

In the past, marketing and advertising firms relied on Apple's Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) as their

Facebook accused of knowingly inflating its ad audience

Facebook's senior executives knew that it was overestimating the number of users its advertisers could re


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