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A 1959 Poster Advertising Pro-US Exhibitions in Korea.

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Keanu Reeves welcomes players to Night City in new ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ ad

CD Projekt RED has released a new advertisement starring Keanu Reeves for its upcoming open-world action game,

Has game advertising gone soft?

With new Sony and Microsoft ad campaigns out, CR explores whether game advertising has lost its edge, and what

Advertising, are you too late when it comes to diversity and inclusion?

The advertising industry is way behind when it comes to diversity and inclusion, but it is not too late provid

2K Games Alienates Players By Adding Unskippable Ads to NBA 2K21, a $60 Game

2K Games is in the spotlight for adding unskippable advertisements into NBA 2K21, as Stevivor reported Sunday.

Flush With Cash, Biden Eclipses Trump in War for the Airwaves

Joe Biden is vastly outspending President Trump in TV advertising, maintaining a nearly 2-to-1 advantage on th

Advertising powers the Web. What if it just doesn't work? - Internet Archive Blogs

Is the Ad-Tech model powering the Internet really just the next financial bubble? That is the question at the

Video: Beastie Boys license a song for an ad for first time ever, for Joe Biden campaign

The Beastie Boys had never before licensed any of their songs for an advertisement, but that commercial blacko

Influential Euro regulator rules online advertising in GDPR breach

Belgium's APD-GBA is the lead enforcer on internet privacy for the European Union, so its findings will b


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