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Woman Who Refuses Dental Treatment Got Husband To Remove Tooth

Karen Hearn refuses to go to the dentist, so got her husband to pull her tooth at home in TLC's Extreme C

Dentists Warn Against Opening Bottles With Your Teeth After Madison Beer's TikTok

It shouldn't really need to be said, should it

Shining a Healing Light on the Brain: Pivotal Discovery Could Treat Epilepsy, Parkinson’s, Depression and Chronic Pain

Scientists make pivotal discovery of method for wireless modulation of neurons with X-rays that could improve

After her teeth were removed for no reason, this dentist knew he had to help restore this woman's smile ❤️ : drkennysmiles

Dentist Reveals The Thing We Do That Makes Our Teeth Yellow

Dr Tristan Peh says we need to be more gentle with our gnashers


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