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"Working at AR, I find myself constantly amazed at the things I never learned in school & this appraisal is a perfect example of that: how did I not know about Madam C.J. Walker before?!" — Hannah Auerbach, senior account exec, marketing More Staff Picks:

"Working at AR, I find myself constantly amazed at the things I never learned in school & this apprai

Trans-Pacific Cable Chaos, Shifting Asian Hubs

It’s been a year since the U.S. denied a cable license to the PLCN, creating a chain reaction that disrupted

Unihertz Titan Pocket review: Rugged, pocketable Android phone with QWERTY keyboard

The last QWERTY keyboard phone from Unihertz was an unwieldy beast, while the new small pocket version is remi

Robinhood, Coinbase, Microsoft: Never Forget What Centralized Corporations Do When they get Desperate.

Robinhood Don't buy Crypto on Robinhood . The company almost went under on a 3B margin call over illegal

Bears reportedly could go up for sale soon due to 'internal strife' in McCaskey family

One of the NFL's oldest franchises could soon hit the open market, as there reportedly is "internal

Several NBA teams 'intensely monitoring' Damian Lillard's situation with Trail Blazers

Several NBA teams, including those in top markets, are "intensely monitoring" Lillard's situati

Study shows Amazon’s wage increase to $15 an hour also upped pay for non-Amazon workers

Amazon’s pay increase in 2018 resulted in a 4.7% increase in the average hourly wage among other employers i

Channel 4 appoints Amber Kirby as marketing director

Kirby will be based in Leeds.

Billionaire Who Founded Ethereum Backs Dogecoin To Be The Next Big Thing

Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum, seems to be backing Dogecoin to be the next big cryptocurrency. At the a


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