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A "Quick" History of the Sexybird

Hello there! I used to write reviews/guides here all the time (daily for about 2ish months) but my life became

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Valheim's Hearth & Home Content Still On Track For Q3 2021 Release

Developer Iron Gate's hoard mode add-on for Valheim will arrive later this year.

Danish YouTuber Dies After Attempting To Film Himself On Cliff’s Edge

YouTuber Albert Dyrlund has died in a fatal accident at the age of 22. Dyrlund was in Italy when the accident

Banners of Ruin is Finally Here

After almost a year in Early Access, the final version of the game is released with exciting new content.

New World Best Healer Build

New World best healer build for juicing up your allies, but also making sure you are not left out for dust if

Pokemon Snap Update Explained: New Areas, More Pokemon

Pokemon Snap is getting a free content update next week, August 2021, containing a set of new areas and more P

Aydan Reveals His C58 Warzone Season 4 Reloaded Loadout

The premier Warzone pro player and content creator extraordinaire, Aydan himself, has just dropped his go-to c

Mark Zuckerberg Wants To Create A 'Ready Player One'-Style Metaverse

"Where instead of just viewing content - you are in it"




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“Either this man is dead or my watch has stopped.”

Groucho Marx, A Day at the Races - 1936