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What To Expect From Netflix's Rival at Apple's Event

This year at Apple's Event to be held on 25th March we won't be seeing any tangible thing, what it m

2020 Lincoln MKT Hybrid United States Review

2020 Lincoln MKT Hybrid United States Review – This seven-passenger full-size premium crossover features Lin

Here Are 14 Ways Movies Totally Jedi Mind Trick You

Sometimes movies are smarter than you think.

Cinematographer Zichen Tang shares emotional story in award-winning film

Zichen Tang grew up loving movies, like most children. They were his favorite form of entertainment, and he dr

Top 10 Best Portable TVs That Can Carry Around With You

Ever wonder how it feels if you can watch your favourite movie or tv series on you way back home? What if you

Dragged Across Concrete Is at Its Best When It’s at Its Worst

S. Craig Zahler's controversial movie about a pair of racist cops gone rogue has more bark than bite—an


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