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Oswd.us is for Sale!

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United States Barely Squeaking by Total Turkey Choke-Job is an Embarrassment of National Proportions

Team USA wasn't loaded for bear entering the FIBA World Cup, but their B and C squads are still better th


Taking Your Blog To The Next Level: How You Can Do It

Years ago not many people were part of the blogging world, making it a bit like a secrets society that only a


Marcello Lippi: Montecristo Cigars, Neapolitan Dreams, Scudetti in Turin & Gli Azzurri's World Cup

Cup Marcello Lippi is number 11 in 90min's Top 50 Great Managers of All Time series. Follow the rest of t


Thinking of Becoming an Expat? Here are Some Tips & Advice to Consider - Part II - Wellington World Travels

On this year’s Expat Life Interview Series, we covered different continents from our expat interviews. We ha


Nike’s powerful Women’s World Cup ad says ‘Don’t change your dream – change the world’

The Women’s World Cup is almost upon us and Nike is setting the scene with a new ‘Just Do It’ ad featuri


Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin lands rocket again ahead of first crewed mission

The world's richest man and his rocket company sent a whole bunch of stuff on a quick trip to space Thurs


Best Books to Read Before a Peru Trip - Girl Who Travels the World

Peru is one of those countries that is made ENDLESSLY more fascinating if you research just a little. Here are


In a Post-Mueller World, Nancy Pelosi Is Still Unimpressed by Impeachment

A small, vocal group of Democrats is doubling down in the wake of Mueller’s presser. But the House speaker i


Spheron goes Art Deco for Rolls Royce showroom and workshop

Spheron Architects has won the go-ahead for a new headquarters in Surrey for the world’s oldest independent


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