If you have some unused .com domain names laying around, you may be considering selling them. If so, that’s great news because there is a hunger for premium .com domains names right now. That’s because as more and more people are starting internet businesses, they are having a difficult time finding available .com domain names.

And the new extensions just don’t work.

So, it is definitely a seller’s market.

But if you’re going to sell domain names, you need to understand how it’s done in the marketplace. After all, this isn’t your grandmother’s marketplace anymore!

Rule #1: Don’t Park a Static Page

It wasn’t that long ago that people who wanted to sell domain names simply parked their domain on a static page and hope someone happened along who was interested enough that that would go to the hassle of tracking down the owner and negotiating a price.

Today’s buyers just don’t have the patience for that anymore.

Instead, they go to places like ParkableWeb.com where they’ll find hundreds of .com domain names for sale. If you want to sell a domain name, this is where you should list it.

Rule #2: Fill it With Content

You know the old saying, content is king? It’s still true.

Content is what brings visitors to your website. And when you have a lot of visitors, your website can begin making money.

But adding a lot of content to your website can be expensive. After all, expert SEO content writers can charge hundreds of dollars for a single piece of content—and you need a lot of it to be noticed by Google.

What’s the answer? Using an all in one site like ParkableWeb.com. They will add relevant content to your .com domain for you so it makes it more appealing to buyers.

Rule #3: Show them the Money

When someone invests in a website, they do so because they want to earn passive income from the site. But it can be difficult to set up affiliate partnerships on a new site. That’s because affiliates prefer sites that already have a lot of visitors to referrals are numerous.

And a lot of website investors know this. That’s why so many of them buy from sites like ParkableWeb.com. The premium .com domain names they sell already have quality affiliate partnerships set up on every domain name listed on the site.

You could do all of this yourself, but why would you? ParkableWeb.com has taken the difficulty out of selling domain names for you. If you’re ready to sell your domain name, why not check out ParkableWeb.com right now and find out just how easy it can be?

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