Recently, a story ran that told about a man who found a pristine Nintendo game in his attic. He didn’t even know it was there, but once he found it, he was told that it’s worth at least $10,000. That’s an amazing story because it highlights the fact that sometimes we own stuff and don’t realize the worth of it.

That can be said for quality .com domain names. In the past, once people realized that investment-grade .com domain names were starting to be in short supply, many bought them to hold on to. They reasoned that while the names were selling for only a couple of bucks then, in the future they would be worth more.

Well, the time has come.

.Com Domain Names are Worth a Lot

If you have old .com domain names, you may be surprised how much money you could sell them for. Investment grade and premium .com domain names are selling for thousands of dollars. It’s called supply in demand. When you have something that other people consider valuable, they will pay premium prices for it.

Consumers Like What They Know

People tend to stick with what they know, and most people know .com domain name extensions. Marketers have tried to sell people on the idea of other extension names such as .biz and .net, but they have not taken off. That’s because consumers want to use an extension name that they know and trust.

That’s why selling .com domain names is such a great way to earn some pretty decent money. People want what you have.

Sell Domain Names in the Right Place

These days, you can’t just sell domain names in any old place. Today’s consumers expect convenience, so the idea of parking your .com domain name on a static page and waiting for buyers to track you down and make an offer isn’t realistic anymore.

No, today’s consumers want things to be easy.

That’s why it’s important to use a site like when selling domain names will ensure that your domain names quickly—and at the best price. When consumers find your .com extension on the site, they will see a buy now button. All they have to do is make a decision and press buy.

It couldn’t be easier.

Are You Ready to Sell Domain Names?

If you’ve been holding onto your old domain names, now is the time to sell them. Why not head over to ParkableWeb right now and get an estimate about what yours is worth? If you like the sales price, take five minutes to list it and then sit back and wait for the money to roll in.

Oh, and did I mention that this service is free?

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