You get a FREE standalone web page for your domain name that has relevant, related and popular content that pertains to the primary and secondary keywords that you provide to us. Additionally, this page is constructed in such a way that it helps you to get your domain name sold for its real value and the premium price that you feel it is worth. Finally, our pages will also help you to get some backlinks that are related and relevant to your domain name.

No, none. It is totally FREE and will be working for your domain name within 24 hours or less.

Afternic is a great company that is dedicated to helping you to sell domain names too. Rather than rebuilding the “wheel”, we have leveraged our services to include the benefits that a good company like Afternic can provide. If you want to sell your domain name, realize a premium price, maximize your sites exposure, provide a good user experience and get some backlinks for your domain names, then you need to follow all of our instructions by creating an account on Parkableweb.com and then you must point your domains to our name servers at ns1.parkableweb.com and ns2.parkableweb.com and then also create your account on Afternic and set your domain name selling prices.

Yes, absolutely! We encourage you to use your account for an unlimited number of domain names. Keep in mind that the domain names that are .com domains are worth more, sell much faster and can usually be listed as premium domain names to get the most exposure.

No one knows the answer to that question. Your domain names could sell within 48 hours or take a year or more to be sold. One thing we can tell you is that you are doing the absolute best things and strategy to exposure your domain to a willing buyer if you simply follow all the instructions that we provide and tell you to do on our site.

At parkableweb.com we don’t charge you anything when your domain name sells. However, Afternic will have a percentage fee of the selling price that they will deduct and keep out of the selling price. That amount is generally around 15% – 20% of the total selling price. Keep in mind that Afternic is free to use and set up and you only pay a fee to Afternic when your domain name has been sold.

It is generally best to just use some common sense here. If you were going to a search engine and looking for something in particular, what keywords would you be entering to find the information that you would envision to be on that particular website domain? Sometimes it would help to see what other people have searched for among similar keywords in a search engine.
You can usually see those other suggested search terms as drop-down entries when you are typing your keywords into a search engine search field. Finally, you may want to consider some keyword search tools to give you some ideas for related keywords. Keep in mind you are only needing to enter 1 primary keyword or keyword phrase and 2 secondary keywords or keyword phrases for each domain name you enter.

That is a very important field. It is highly recommended that you definitely fill in that field with some text that mentions what that domain name would be best used for. Mention any ideas that you may have thought of when you purchased that domain name. Even including some related keywords in your text description of that area is a very good idea. This text content will be unique for each site and will help the website to be ranked and related to the subject matter that it is intended to be used for and will help with some SEO (search engine optimization) rankings in major search engines.

That is a very good question! There is a huge difference between us and the others. The first and easiest way to answer that question is to tell you what we don’t do! We don’t provide a crappy page and user experience that has no content and is full of nothing but ads! Actually, 90%+ of all parked pages are just that, a very bad crappy, generic user experience! Nor, do we provide just a bunch of general information/news that is found everywhere else and has no relation to the domain name.

We DO provide:

  1. A strong awareness that the domain name is for sale.
  2. Visibility for buyers to see it’s selling price.
  3. In most cases, we even provide a one-click “Buy it Now” button for the domain name.
  4. Additionally, we even share with buyers what the domain names relative appraised value may be.
  5. We also provide a phone number where an interested buyer could call to talk to an agent about buying the domain name.
  6. We provide a webpage that has some unique content on it that will even rank it in the search engine.
  7. Your ParkableWeb domain web pages will gradually and naturally build some backlinks pointing to your domain name over time
  8. We provide a website for your domain names that have related and relevant content to the domain name itself. (The volume of that related content will depend on how specific or how general the keywords are that you provided. The more general that the keywords are, the more content that our curating system can pool to add to your page. This content is dynamic and changing and will keep your web page fresh.)