Do you have unused .com domain names sitting around? You may have thought about selling them, but then remembered how difficult it used to be to sell a domain name. Cheer up, because with today’s domain name sellers, selling a domain name is easy, stress-free, and profitable.

Let’s talk about how to sell a domain name the right way.

Choose the Right Website

Not all websites are created equal, and that’s especially true when you want to sell a domain name. That’s because the easier it is for someone to buy your domain name, the better chances that you will make the sale.

But not all seller sites make it easy. Some people park static domain names and expect buyers to go to the trouble of tracking them down to find out the price. That doesn’t work well.

Other seller sites simply list the domain names they have for sale and expect buyers to purchase them on the name alone.

Again, that’s not the ideal way to sell a domain name.

But sites like change the game. They not only list hundreds of investor-grade .com domain names, but they make them saleable by displaying buy buttons, along with the sales price.

In other words, if a buyer wants to buy your domain name, they can do it simply, quickly, and easily.

Now that’s how to sell a domain name.

Make it Attractive

Another benefit you’ll get when you list your .com domain name on is that buyers won’t see it as a static page. Instead, they’ll see relevant content and ads that are associated with affiliates.

In other words, they will see that the website is already making money—and that’s a huge selling point.

ParkableWeb doesn’t just park domain names. When selling a domain name, you need to make sure the website is active, popular, and earning money.

Is Selling Domain Names Right for You?

If you have some unused .com domain names sitting around, why not list them with a seller like Parkable Web and earn some money? You’d be surprised at how much people are willing to pay for premium domain names these days.

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