Do you have some old .com domain names lying around that you never put to use? Chances are, if you don’t plan to use them, you can make a small fortune by selling them. That’s right, people are willing to pay thousands of dollars for your unused domain names.


Let’s take a look at this growing market and figure out how you can get in on it.

Supply in Demand

Consumers will always pay more for products that are in short supply. And if you’ve tried to buy a new .com domain name recently, you understand that there aren’t many good ones left. And even though marketers have tried to convince the public that domain names with other extensions—such as .biz or .food—are okay, the statistics don’t back that up.

People are used to using .com extensions and frankly, that’s what they want to see on websites. Even if you have a great domain name with a .biz extension, chances are that consumers will automatically type in .com when they search for you online.

So, if you have some old domain names, you can clearly see why now is the time to sell them.

It’s Easier to Buy

In the past, buyers had to track down sellers by looking at a static domain name page and then figuring out who owned it. Then, they would try to connect with them by using the information provided on Whois or another similar site. Oftentimes, the phone numbers or email addresses on those sites would be wrong, or the domain name was listed to a private party.

It wasn’t easy in those days to buy a domain name.

But sites like have made it a no brainer. Now, all buyers have to do is to go to ParkableWeb and look for the investment-grade, .com domains they want. Once they find one they like, they press a buy button and complete the sale. It’s as simple as it can be.

Will Buyers Find Your .Com Domain Name?

But here’s the truth: if buyers don’t find your .com domain name on a site like, they can’t buy it. And that means they will end up buying someone else’s. Don’t let this happen to you!

Instead, hop on over to ParkableWeb right now and take advantage of their free service. You can list your domain name for sale for free in a matter of minutes.

What in the world are you waiting for?

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