If you’re a veteran seller of domain names, you probably remember how difficult it used to be to sell a domain name. You had to park the domain name on a static web page, and then hope that a buyer would be interested enough in it to track you down and make you an offer.

No wonder so many people stopped trying to sell domain names. It was risky and hard, and that’s just now how making money should be.

Fast forward to today, and both buyers and sellers have it easy when it comes to selling domain names. We’ve broken down the process to make it easy for you to sell domain names.

List Your Domain Name in the Right Place

Sure, you can park a static page just like people did in the past, but chances are, it’s going to sit there a long time. That’s because today’s buyers don’t have the patience for the old system. Instead, you should sell domain names on sites like ParkableWeb.com. This website allows you to list your domain and then it sets it up to be an operating site. Obviously, this is much more appealing to buyers.

And if someone likes your domain and wants to buy it? All they have to do is press the buy button and they can pay for it immediately.

Make Your Domain Name Appealing to Buyers

When selling domain names, you need to do all you can to make them as attractive to buyers as possible. That means the buyer needs to be able to envision how the website could earn money for them.

And that’s where Parkable Web comes in. When you list your domain on the site, it will create an individual website page just for you. And that page will include content and even develop backlinks over time. All of these things are vital when you want to sell a domain name.

Make Sure the Service Understand SEO

If you’re going to build a website to host your domain name, you need to make sure that it ranks with Google and the other search engines. That’s the only way a potential buyer can see it’s possibility as a good investment.

When you list your domain names with ParkableWeb.com, you will be asked to provide some good, relevant keywords and a description of your domain name. The site will take this information and use it to get the site indexed properly by Google. This is an important step in the process and one that can’t be overlooked.

Are You Ready to Sell Domain Names?

Maybe you have a few quality .com domains names lying around that you’re not using. Or maybe you are a savvy investor who bought the domain names years ago in anticipation of selling them at a profit. Either way, you need a quality site to list them on. Why not see what Parkable Web has to offer you? Their service is free, and it only takes a minute to list and sell your domain names for a great profit!

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