Are you hanging on to some unused .com domain names? If so, I bet you bought them for one of two reasons. First, you thought maybe you would use them to start a new website, but you never got around to it. But the .com domain name is too good to just give it up.

Secondly, you may be an investor who bought the .com domain names to sell later for a profit. If that’s you, congratulations. You made a very good call.

Here are some reasons why you should think about selling your .com domain name right now.

.Com Extensions are in Great Demand

Have you noticed that investment-grade .com domain names are in high demand? That’s because a lot of people bought them in the heyday that happened after the internet was introduced. That’s why so many are now resorting to other extensions such as .biz or .net.

But here’s the deal: consumers just don’t like those extensions as much as .com extensions. And that’s why so many investors are realizing that now is the time to sell.

After all, have you tried to buy a .com domain name lately? If so, you realize how difficult they are to find.

The Prices Are Inspiring

Another great reason to sell .com domain names now is that people are willing to pay good money for them. In fact, high quality, investment grade .com domain names sell for thousands of dollars today. Why? It’s called supply and demand. The demand for investor grade domain names is through the roof, but supply is limited. In fact, when you list yours, you will be surprised what appraises it for.

Selling Domain Names: the Time is Now

If you’ve been holding onto .com domain names, it’s time to sell them. After all, you’re not using them, and you could earn thousands of dollars in the sale. By going to and using their free service, you could sell your domain name for thousands of dollars in a snap.

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